Welcome to Bay Leaf, a concoction of the passion for food and Indian roots

Bay Leaf reflects and serves the most excellent of Indian cuisine, along with a rich dining experience curated on detailed attention toward food, drink selection, various aspects of service and ambience. Passionate about different Indian cuisines, authentic spices and drinks, we want to give our customers an Indian culinary experience in their neighborhood. Keeping in the mind the diversity in Indian food, our specially curated menu includes the classics with a dash of modernity that would take you to a mind-blowing Indian culinary journey.


An Indian Indulgence

Being one of the most complex and diverse cuisines, Indian cuisine is known for the layering of various spices and their subtle flavors. Just like the climate of India, these flavors are simply exotic and out of the world. Fragrant spices, warm and pungent spices from the different corners of India are delicately blended together with a dash of contemporary twist and are brought in front of you by the culinary experts of Bay Leaf.

From The Menu

A Few Of Our Classics With Special Discounts

Chicken Tikka

Juicy pieces of farm raised chicken, marinated in yoghurt and blend of spices and cooked to perfection in tandoor


Lamb Biryani

A flavorful combination of aged Basmati rice, mildly spiced lamb pieces and aromatic sauces.


Dal Makhani

Slowly cooked black lentils in the medley of ginger, garlic, tomato and onion.


Truly Exceptional Indian Taste

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A Fresh Yet Amazing Twist To Traditions

Delicious Cuisine

Connected strongly with the home traditions of India and its diverse cuisine, Bay Leaf has combined the authentic Indian flavors with innovative thinking and has given its customers a taste of true India and its food. We are proud of the fact that every dish that is being served to our customers is made from scratch by our experienced chef, so that every single morsel connects you with India, no matter the distance.